Tuesday, September 20, 2011

de'light'ful vintage lighting

I just can't get enough of vintage lighting. My home is adorned with chandeliers, pole lamps and table lamps. The master bedroom alone has a headboard lamp for reading, a bedside table lamp, a pole lamp with alabaster base, a crystal chandelier and a pair of gorgeous glass lamps that have clear glass star-shaped bases. So pretty.... and then there's all the one's I just have as part of my collection. Can a gal have too many? 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage Madness...

I've been busy with my camera, taking lots of photos of my vintage treasures. I might take 6 images to get one good one and then I have to open them in photoshop and get rid of the grey or yellow cast. Who knew getting a clean shot that truly represents the item would be so much work? OK... I knew it my head but the doing is quite the task.

Here's some of what's gotten done as of late. It feels like a small dent made. Hopefully soon, I'll get my little online shop up and running as I work my way through this learning curve. This is my passion and I've dreamt about doing this since I can't won't stop the love of finding that treasured item.

This is actually just one vase and showing the other side