Monday, November 21, 2011

Remember this cute thing?

This pink boudoir lamp has some appeal despite the fact that it's not exactly high end with it's plastic lamp shade and chrome plated plastic parts. I think these lamps had lace over the ruffled shade. It's cute but maybe lacking a bit of pizzaz. So, I gave it some. Don't you think it's an improvement? The rhinestones are quite glittery but it's so hard to capture that in a photo without using the flash which makes everything look so harsh.

This is the before....

and this would be the after, first pic with the dreaded flash employed...
Would a rhinestone band on the shade
be over the top? Hubs thinks so. 

The birdie and rabbit give their approval.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On a Bling Thing

Again, I'm taking from my other blog and posting some great bling over here, since bling seems to be front and center at this time. 

And note the "Contact Me" button in the left side bar. Any questions about any of these pieces, feel free to drop a line! Pssst.... it's all for sale.

Here's some lovely stuff but it's not necessarily old stuff. Just great stuff.

Elegant snake chain with cubic zirconia pendant, stamped .925 Italy

Silver ring (stamped .925) with 
sparking cubic zirconias

Classic Monet choker.

Cranberry potato pearl and silver bead choker.

Ladies Zodiac Automatic 60's watch in 18kt gold.
The acrylic crystal shows some wear
but it keeps perfect time.

Pretty vintage clutch purse and earrings.
Wouldn't these be a lovely accessory with that little black dress?

Sweetest little silver necklace, suitable for a child.
Silver (stamped .925) bracelet.
This is perfect for a small wrist. 
A whopping 120 grams of silver snake chain.
Stamped .925 Italy.
There are 21 stands of silver chain in this stunning necklace.

Blue turquoise and silver earrings.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just blinging along here...

I have copied this entire entry from my other blog since I am on a vintage bling binge. I think it belongs here, also.

I'm understanding that 80's jewelry is making the rounds in the vintage arena. Really, now... the 80s were not THAT long ago. OK, not to me. Time flies so much faster after 30ish. Yeah, that must be it.

Late 80s earrings.
I think I'm upset that anything I bought new is
now considered to be a collectible item.

I must confess that even though I frequently wore costume jewelry, looking back makes me shudder at the tackiness of the 80s style. Most jewelry back in that era was oversized and chunky. Well, naturally, big hair and big shoulder pads need big jewelry!

Mid 80s necklace and earrings. Is this considered vintage?

Now, these earrings below are more along the lines that make me look twice. The thing for me is I have no occasion to wear them (they were whispering my name). I live in a tiny village and typical outings involve going to one of two very small towns to do my grocery shopping. My other activities involve treasure hunting at local thrift shops (all three of them) and yard sales or playing with the dogs in the yard. Glittery earrings don't quite work in these settings any more than dressy shoes with three inch heels. But still... they're pretty and nice to look at.

My kind of eye candy!

Oh Bling-a-bling-bling!

In all truth, I'm not about to revisit the 80's in the fashion sense. Since I'm being honest here, I don't think I have any sense of fashion... ha, ha! I hope I never do the shoulder pad thing again. I was so addicted to them back in the day. I'm happy to say I never did big hair... well, not in the poofie sense. I had almost three feet of hair and I'm embarrassed to say I did a short stint with poofie bangs. Yuk. I'm just not a bangs person.  

As for wearing chunky jewelry, I'm guilty as charged. I don't think I'll ever wear it again but I am finding this new collection rather interesting and these are good quality pieces. Fab finds.... it's all about the fab finds, baby.

Caged pearl earrings... more likely from the 70s.
Nice quality pierced earrings.
The faux stone has some soft glitter.

This silver-plated choker really compliments
a top with a plain round neckline.

Lovely Vendome clip-on earrings.

This is big jewelry. The pendant is over 3 inches long
and the earrings are 1 1/2 inches. Silver plate.

No, it's not chunky and probably not vintage, either.
It was just a great find!

Beautiful faux mabe pearl clip-ons
with a swirl of glitter in a wide gold tone band.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retro Bulova Alarm Clock Score!

This very retro and very cool alarm clock was just sitting on a shelf waiting for me to take it home. At the place where I find the most incredible stuff (stuff that feeds my addiction), the staff had been saving a number of vintage clocks, among other items, for a nun who was shipping all these things to Haiti. She had made special arrangements for the shipping and when that deal ended, she could no longer afford the shipping costs. So, the day this clock was put out for sale I walked through the doors... my lucky day. It keeps excellent time and the only visible but minor flaw is a bit of pitting in the chrome base. I think the camera points it out more than the eye but my eyes are, well... they're vintage. 

60s Bulova alarm clock.
It reminds of the Jetsons.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Shades and other pretties

I've been in quite a quarry as of late. I can't share the details but my focus has gone amuck. For example, I'll stop and wonder why I've taken the salt shaker to the laundry room... my actions interrupt my thoughts and my thoughts are certainly not on what I'm doing. My nights are interrupted with too much thinking. I'm in a transition period and it's foreign and new but must happen. I am leaving a very negative position with regards to my career. I must do this but, in doing so, I don't know what I'm moving towards exactly. I have a vision but I need to focus. But my focus won't cooperate just now.

I have managed to work my way through taking hundreds of photos and sorting through the ones that best represent my found treasures. There's a bit of this and a bit of that and each item is something that caught my eye and I had to bring them home with me. Some of them followed ME home (like the last one pictured here). 

Vintage ruffled milk glass lamp shade

I think the shade works so well with this 
lamp (which isn't for sale.. it was just a prop)

Milk glass ceiling light fixture. Would work perfect with a
vintage flush mount collar and pull chain.
I have a similar one with a jadeite green stripe
in my pantry area.
Vintage bronze bead purse with scalloped edges.

I bought this purse in a thrift shop in the early 80s.
I've always loved it but never used it.
I'm a blue jeans kinda gal but I love glitter.
These are so pretty with their gold trim.
Decorated in Canada!
The saucers also have the same rose pattern.
Buttons & Bows pink depression glass creamer.
I have a matching sugar bowl as well. It has
some damage on one side near the handle
but is still lovely for display.
This is silver plated copper with a wonderful (to me)
shabby patina. I can see an assortment of vintage
Christmas bulbs adorning this lovely platter.
Such a great find! I don't know the pattern
but not for a lack of trying. It's just gorgeous
and the photos just don't do these justice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

de'light'ful vintage lighting

I just can't get enough of vintage lighting. My home is adorned with chandeliers, pole lamps and table lamps. The master bedroom alone has a headboard lamp for reading, a bedside table lamp, a pole lamp with alabaster base, a crystal chandelier and a pair of gorgeous glass lamps that have clear glass star-shaped bases. So pretty.... and then there's all the one's I just have as part of my collection. Can a gal have too many? 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage Madness...

I've been busy with my camera, taking lots of photos of my vintage treasures. I might take 6 images to get one good one and then I have to open them in photoshop and get rid of the grey or yellow cast. Who knew getting a clean shot that truly represents the item would be so much work? OK... I knew it my head but the doing is quite the task.

Here's some of what's gotten done as of late. It feels like a small dent made. Hopefully soon, I'll get my little online shop up and running as I work my way through this learning curve. This is my passion and I've dreamt about doing this since I can't won't stop the love of finding that treasured item.

This is actually just one vase and showing the other side