Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Shades and other pretties

I've been in quite a quarry as of late. I can't share the details but my focus has gone amuck. For example, I'll stop and wonder why I've taken the salt shaker to the laundry room... my actions interrupt my thoughts and my thoughts are certainly not on what I'm doing. My nights are interrupted with too much thinking. I'm in a transition period and it's foreign and new but must happen. I am leaving a very negative position with regards to my career. I must do this but, in doing so, I don't know what I'm moving towards exactly. I have a vision but I need to focus. But my focus won't cooperate just now.

I have managed to work my way through taking hundreds of photos and sorting through the ones that best represent my found treasures. There's a bit of this and a bit of that and each item is something that caught my eye and I had to bring them home with me. Some of them followed ME home (like the last one pictured here). 

Vintage ruffled milk glass lamp shade

I think the shade works so well with this 
lamp (which isn't for sale.. it was just a prop)

Milk glass ceiling light fixture. Would work perfect with a
vintage flush mount collar and pull chain.
I have a similar one with a jadeite green stripe
in my pantry area.
Vintage bronze bead purse with scalloped edges.

I bought this purse in a thrift shop in the early 80s.
I've always loved it but never used it.
I'm a blue jeans kinda gal but I love glitter.
These are so pretty with their gold trim.
Decorated in Canada!
The saucers also have the same rose pattern.
Buttons & Bows pink depression glass creamer.
I have a matching sugar bowl as well. It has
some damage on one side near the handle
but is still lovely for display.
This is silver plated copper with a wonderful (to me)
shabby patina. I can see an assortment of vintage
Christmas bulbs adorning this lovely platter.
Such a great find! I don't know the pattern
but not for a lack of trying. It's just gorgeous
and the photos just don't do these justice.


  1. That shade and lamp were meant for each other! Just gorgeous. I'm a sucker for a pretty purse too although I never seem to use them. That bronze scalloped one immediately caught my eye.

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  3. Love the lamp and shade. Ok girlie how about that store idea. How does one go about purchasing one of your fabulous finds. I so would love that lamp.