Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fab Vintage Milch Handbag Score!

1950s/early 60s Milch alligator handbag. So chic.

It's been a long, cold winter but that hasn't stopped my quest for thrifting. I was suffering from a bit of cabin fever after the 'historic' blizzard last week that wasn't so historic in these parts, so I headed out to see if there were any treasures waiting to be found. 

I wandered into my no.1 spot. "It's Monday!," the manager exclaims, "We're not open. How'd you get in?" Ummm... through the front door that was unlocked. Sheesh! I knew they were closed on Mondays. Talk about getting my days mixed up. No biggie. I have the place across the street to browse in.

Overall, it's been a tad dull at my no.2 place for great finds but I thought I'd wander over to the purses for a look-see, cause you just never know. I saw the cutest black beaded purse with sparkly beaded flowers but I don't think it was vintage and I would never have an occasion to use it anyway. Besides, I don't like lugging around a purse. I find them cumbersome.

Then, I saw this brown vintage thing... uh, purse. Not my flavour but it was in good shape and so very vintage... 50s / early 60s. I bought it only because of it's age and condition. And most anything vintage in such good condition just makes me swoon.

Imagine my delight when my research led me to some sites that showed the potential value of my find.

It's a Milch alligator handbag and one such site selling exotic skin purses for a pretty penny has a Milch alligator purse, a different design but same era, with a $695 price tag! I emailed her to ask if she'd like to buy mine but she's not replied. Too bad. I know she would have made a great profit considering the price I had in mind. I'm so generous.