Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retro Bulova Alarm Clock Score!

This very retro and very cool alarm clock was just sitting on a shelf waiting for me to take it home. At the place where I find the most incredible stuff (stuff that feeds my addiction), the staff had been saving a number of vintage clocks, among other items, for a nun who was shipping all these things to Haiti. She had made special arrangements for the shipping and when that deal ended, she could no longer afford the shipping costs. So, the day this clock was put out for sale I walked through the doors... my lucky day. It keeps excellent time and the only visible but minor flaw is a bit of pitting in the chrome base. I think the camera points it out more than the eye but my eyes are, well... they're vintage. 

60s Bulova alarm clock.
It reminds of the Jetsons.