Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roly Poly Glasses

Last summer, I discovered a new place to seek out vintage lovelies in an oceanside tourist town. I'm sure the tourists will be all over the place like they are at a couple of my other haunts but that's not an issue... tourist season is short and I'm not going anywhere. 
My recent visit there had me jumping for joy over cast iron frying pans. Yes, two small ones that I've been on the lookout for - you know, the ones you can buy new just totally suck. They are not the same at all. 
And then, I spied with my little eye this set of six roly poly glasses. I started to do my homework on these little gems and was a bit sad to learn they aren't Dorothy Thorpe glasses which are incredible with a thick soft silver rim (as in real silver).
Still, these are very nice and in great condition. They also had three roly poly glasses with eames era boomerang shaped graphics in gold and turquoise. I lit up when I saw them but, sadly, only one of them still had the gold in tact so I passed. So sad, indeed.


  1. Somehow that wasn't what I envisioned when I read "roly poly" but these are even better than the weird visual I had in my head (you don't want to know, trust me...). No, these glasses are so sweet, so cut, they make me want to cuddle them in both hands - I can see how you couldn't pass them up!

  2. Well, Jane... I must confess that I only recently learned they were called 'roly poly' glasses. I was googling 'low ball' glasses originally.

    There's a TV series called Man Men (don't think we get it here) and a hunky character 'Don Draper' drinks his amber liquid from these roly poly glasses, his being authentic Dorothy Thorpe glasses that are of a quality regarding the silver rim.

    Nevermind... the glasses are still lovely and suitable for whatever your flavour may be.... on the rocks or neat. These will be put up on my Esty site so not keeping them. I have a lovely set of four in a black and gold diamond pattern that are my keepers.

  3. I didn't know what roly poly was either but when you said silver rims I knew the type you meant. Great glasses and more importantly, GREAT photos. yah for the new blog!

  4. Hooray!! Love the glasses they are really cute :)

  5. Love the design on them, it is right up my alley.