Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vallila Finland 1978 Fabric.... Oh, joy!

While browsing through one of my favorite spots, I thought I'd rummage through the fabric bins in hopes of finding something to cover a lamp shade. I'll have to keep looking but I did happen across this lovely vintage piece. It's marked Vallila Finland 1978. The signature on the fabric is lost on me, though.  

I don't think it was ever washed (yuk!) so I gave it a cold water wash as it's not colorfast, and hung to dry. Sad to say, there are a few minor stains on the bottom but, overall, it's a great find and the colors are incredibly vibrant. 

Is this not a beautiful thing?


  1. What a beautiful piece. I would be tempted to frame it and hang it up.

  2. I have this piece and have enjoyed it since 1978. Mine is mounted on a frame and has padding behind the red petals (trapunto). Never have I seen another one..Please enjoy

    1. It's now cut to 2 pieces and both are for sale... although I have yet to list them at my Etsy shop.

  3. Nice find. The artist is Howard Smith.

  4. Yes, I did learn that and happy to say that I've sold both panels. :)