Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Metal Tissue Box

This is so pretty! I was very fortunate to get this treasure as it wasn't even on display yet. This was brought out to me by a staff member. Am I special or what? (actually... she's the one who's special in my eyes). My research on this doesn't tell me what era this comes from but the back of the container reads '6 mb container made in England' and an online search led me to find a Baret Ware tissue box identical to this one; the pattern is called Chelsea. 

It's hinged on both sides and is in excellent condition. There's a bit of wear on the back but who's looking at the back anyway? Also, when opened, one of the inside 'flaps' has remnants of tape that has become like a petrified part of the paint but who's looking at the inside of it anyway? It's just a stunning find and if the tissue boxes found on the grocery store shelves don't fit, it's a great place to keep papers, post cards, love letters.... sigh.

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  1. This is beyond beautiful. What a great find Michelle. How great that someone put this aside to show you.