Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage Yumminess

Some are recent finds with the exception of the vintage yellow earrings and necklace which were gifted to me. The Aldo clutch is not vintage but I kept going back to it, picking it up and going goo-goo over it. Will I ever use it? No. But I had to bring it home with me anyway. 

80s silver plate brooch that instantly
brings to mind big hair and shoulder pads.

I fell for the rhinestone clasp.

Sweetest Aldo clutch. It's more like a deep fuscia than red.

Lacquered box that I kept going back to and looking at.
It was calling my name.
I had an idea for reupholstering a vintage wrought iron
gossip bench but it was not right for our decor. Bummer.

Vintage Estée Lauder perfumed pendant. I did walk away from
this one and went back the next day and bought it. 

Gorgeous Givenchy pendant.

From a friend... nothing mellow about this yellow!

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