Friday, October 5, 2012

I am so horribly behind on pretty much everything. Life is getting the best of me and I got hung up, pre-occupied, side-lined, thrown down, stomped on, distracted, busy with freelance work and all my plans regarding my shop fell by the wayside. Big sigh.

I'm digging my way back to the surface and not losing site of my goals. Life has a way of getting in the way at times. You know it does. 

Here's some recent fab finds. I'm chipping away at getting photos done but still way, way, WAY behind on getting them all done. Oh, the horrors.

Sweet milk glass bead earrings.
Gorgeous black faceted bead chocker.
Sweet child's cedar lined trinket box
Chunky link bracelet
Lovin' these 40's floral prints, signed M. Black
I so remember something like this from my childhood.
Gold filled or plated fish pendant. 
I had my Hubs upcycle this very cool gooseneck lamp.

Cutest little hair combs. Possibly silver plate.

60 inches of Monet goodness

A little peach lustre anyone?

I was hopeful this was bronze but seems
to spelter. I'm not sure, but I think
this is from the art nouveau era.


  1. yOu are gonna do so good when you get up and son is selling stuff on ebay and doing good........I know you will I have confidence in your taste.

  2. Hi michelle! how've you been? Great job on the photos, everything looks so nice. I looked at that gooseneck lamp and thought - hey, I have one of those but why doesn't mine look that nice? Great job on the upcycle!