Friday, November 30, 2012

Newly Found Lovelies...

Anytime I head out the door of my country home to do the grocery shopping, it always includes a trip to my two favorite thrift shops. The things I keep an eye out for are not what most others here would take an interest in. I'm glad for that as it means I have less competition. I've been collecting and researching for over 10 years now so I look treasures loosely based on my acquired 'knowledge'. I'm certainly no expert and I do buy duds but I'm also fussy about my finds. You could say it's a case of hit and miss. Mostly hit (in a good way)!

Yesterday, I was about done looking at the same old stuff and then my little eye spied these little gems. So cute! I really wanted a Christmas elf but didn't think I'd find one just like that, but I did.

After I finished at this thrift shop, I headed over to the other place which is quite a different type of store. You never know what you'll find there, including name brand clothing still bearing tags. I head straight for jewelry bin. Signed jewelry and tarnished silver pieces just look like junk to the sorters as they don't examine pieces like I do. Fine with me. Three new pretties to add to my collection. 
The wings on this brooch are on tiny springs. 

I just adore bug brooches which is odd
cause I never wear them.

This is stamped 'silver .925 taxco' but was
very tarnished. Not anymore. Great score!

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  1. The elf is darling. Some bug jewelry is really sought after but i forget what kind...LOL