Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I did it!

This post is so seriously late.

I have finally launched my Etsy store! I only talked about it for.. oh, a year or more (definitely more) but that's so yesterday. Why look back? 

I also started a Facebook 'fan' page and sent invitations to all my peeps. I don't have hundreds and hundreds of 'friends' so the idea of them sharing with friends and so forth was a bit naive on my part. 

And then there's Pinterest. I've yet to link items to my store. I'm sure it's easy to figure out.

Is it not Murphy's law to finally get everything up and running and then suddenly get bombarded with all manner of things not related to what you know you need to be working on?

OK.. so we got a puppy. It's like having a child (I think) and I'm often tending to one incident or another. Can you see the difference in the two photos? They're taken 3 weeks apart. 

I also have a sudden trickle of freelance work as I've taken on a couple of clients with one of them having the potential to get very busy. And I committed to doing a rural postal route, filling in for 5 weeks of vacation time. That's not happened yet but it's in the works. Yikes! I'm sure it's all good.

I thought I'd be free to just list and list and list. Funny. It takes a lot longer than I realized. Well, I kinda had an idea but I want to be very accurate with my descriptions and good photos are mandatory and researching what items actually SELL for... not what they're listed for. I've already enjoyed a few sales which is very encouraging as they came shortly after launching my store.

This blog was intended to serve as a marketing tool. I better get on it, then and keep it updated.  

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